Kenya Believe This marketing tip and update

As I took my second of four oral typhoid pills I was realizing I was in a sort of continuity program.

I had to take one pill ever other day for a week and it cost me $27 for each pill!  Holy crap!  Or at least that is what I might be doing if I did not take the typhoid pill then entered a country where typoid is apparently still prevalent.

So at $27 a pop, this was a crazy $108 for a small little box…I know they say good things come in small boxes, but this is not the joy I had wished for, relative to a small piece to jewelry that might instead make my wife happy.

I was trying to compare this to marketing and as I said in my first sentence above, this would be like a micro-continuity. I was not stuck paying $27 every other day for the rest of my life, but was instead paying just $27 four times over.  In actuality, I paid in full, where I would like to think perhaps I could have paid more than $130 for the four and received a minor discount based on the fast action purchase of the whole lot.

Who am I kdding.  Like the medical facilities would give me a multi purchase bonus.  Back to marketing though.  Marketers blow medical purchases out of the water as they always try to give you more value for the price you pay.  Now do not get me wrong, I would value my healthy return from Kenya to be valued at many times over $130.

Following with my idea of micro continuity, this is an easy way to bring about growth in your business due to the fact that you will have a recurring income where you can provide contens daily, weekly or monthly and drip it to your members (who can access it for life after the training ends for no additional costs, or a lesser one perhaps) who pay to access it each of these months, as long as they stay as a paying member.

As more people come in months 2, 3 and 4, you still have original members from months 1, 2 and 3 respectively to exponentially grow your business.

This whole idea of Micro Contiuity is just one idea presented in Russell Brunson’s Dot Com Secrets X, which gave me the opportunity to win a trip to Kenya to build a school this coming July 2012.  The course is still going strong with over 3250 members in the facebook group already.  The course itself offers an unheard of $1 thirty day trial with full access to everything (though the traffic video trainings are delivered daily)

Where the micro-continuity comes to play is that you will also gain access to many of Russell Brunson’s previous live conferences that were recorded, such as his micro continuity where you can learn an immense amount of all fields of marketing.

Another great reason to join, if only to give it a try for 30 days, is that he Russell is also donating this money ($1 to start) to the Make a Wish foundation and World Teacher Aid (who we are specifically going over to build a school with.)

So come try out Dot Com Secrets X today!  If you are not into marketing, but want to help donate to the trip I am taking to Kenya, just click on the tab on the top left that says “Donate to Help”