World Teacher Aid Trip to Kenya Day 2 Really Flying Now

Friday July 20, 2012: Flying to Kenya via Newark and Zurich

So at 4:30 am I left my house again and headed to the airport, this time being able to get on a plane and make my first flight.  This caused me to have an approximate 10 hour layover in Newark, but at this point, I just wanted to be one step closer to my destination.  I hung around, played online, ate some greasy mushroom swiss burger and sweet potato fries that was really good and played around some more before the flight that eventually took me to Zurich.

Sweet Potato Fries and Mushroom Swiss Burger at Smash Burger

Sweet Potato Fries and Mushroom Swiss Burger at Smash Burger

I had actually re-arranged my flight yet again, as I was scheduled to go through Amsterdam, then Nairobi, arriving at 10pm on Saturday, but would now get in at 6:30 pm that day.

The flight to Zurich was fine from my recollection (as I am now going back over the trip having arrived in Brussells for a layover on my way home) and we arrived around 8:40 am.

World Teacher Aid Trip to Kenya Day 1 Delays and more

Thursday July 19, 2012: Flying to Kenya (supposedly as ended up being cancelled twice!)

The day started out as planned as my dad picked me up at the house to bring me to the airport to begin my trip of a life time as a guest of Russell Brunson, as the winner of his Dot Com Secrets X first annual trip to Kenya.  This was a trip associated with World Teacher Aid, which was headed by Amy and Stu McLaren (WishList Member software) to go help continue the building of a school in a community in Kenya that they had been visiting for the past couple years.

Things looked good this day until I got the airport and realized that the first flight out ogf Syracuse, connecting to Newark was already delayed.  Not a problem as I was a bit early and the delayed flight would still get me to my connecting flight with time to spare.  But then of course it was delayed, which would force me to miss a connecting flight.  We scrambled around to get me on another flight which instead of arriving the next night around 10 pm (Friday) would now bring me to arrive at 6:30 am the following morning (Saturday) via Washington, DC, London and Nairobi.

As fate would have it, 20 minutes before we were to board the plane, they cancelled the flight heading to Washington, which just about put me in a nervous breakdown.

I had talked this trip up to so many people, collected donations from friends, family, school businesses and more and felt as though it was coming crashing down on me where I would not be able to go and result in the whole ordeal to turn out as a failure.

Fortunately I was able to connect via email to Amy McLaren who said I just needed to focus on getting there and they would arrange transport for me to come out and meet them when I did arrive.

So again, I headed to re-arrange my flight plan, now for the next day, arriving a full day after the rest of the group and missing the first days events together.  I was very frustrated about the whole situation, but my wife came and picked me up and reminded me of the fact that I would still get plenty of good time in Kenya to help out and go on safari as well.

I went home and re-arranged the flight in the morning again with the help of customer service for United Airlines as I did not want there to be any issues with flying to Newark first thing in the morning.  Newark apparently has been notorious for delaying and cancelling flights.