Polio and Tetanus boosters to travel to Africa to help build a school

A lot of work and effort goes into getting ready to leave the country.  Due to the fact that we do not necessarily want more diseases coming back into our country, we are highly suggested to get certain vaccinations and boosters.  Other countries as well do not want us coming across their borders without certain precautions be completed.

A couple weeks ago, I continued this process that started over 15 years ago when I first went to Belize and a couple years after that to the Solomon Islands, where I served in the Peace Corps.  I completed the Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B series of shots as well as took Malaria preventative meds.

I started the process a couple weeks ago with getting a yellow fever vaccine as well as the oral typhoid vaccine and picked up another malaria prescription as well as one for an antibiotic in case of an intestinal issue while going to Kenya.

Just the other day I added to the mix and got my Polio and Tetanus booster to travel to Africa to help build a school.  I also had a blood sample drawn to be able to run tests (Titers, I believe they are called) so that they could see if the Hepatitis A/B antibodies were still present in me at this point and whether or not I would need an update.

I also left with a couple more prescriptions, for an antibiotic more worthy of chest/respiratory infections and for small scrapes and wounds.  So now I have to of course bring them to the drug store and get them all filled.

All this to go help build a school in Africa and definitely well worth it.  Talk about a trip of a lifetime, where I will be able to lend a hand in completing part of a school while we are there for a few days in July 2012!  We will also be travelling some to the community and to spend some time with the Masaii Mara with a Safari trip in our 9-10 days of jam packed excitement.

Be sure to check out my other posts where you will stay updated to what is going on in the trip.

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Dave Gardner