Dispelling the myths of blogging by Ray Higdon

After just watching Ray Higdon’s preview videos for his new Pro Blog Academy I am put at ease for helping others get started as so many people out there feel as though they do not have what it takes to become a blogger online and be able to supplement their income.

So in this 2nd video, Ray Higdon takes some time (about 11 minutes) dispelling the myths of blogging.

  • You need results to attract people to your blog
  • You need to be technical to do blogging
  • You need to be creative
  • You need to have video
  • You need to do this full time or during the day
  • You must have an existing list
  • You need a catchy name or web URL for your blog
  • You can not talk about your MLM in your blog

If you want to listen to Ray Higdon Dispelling the myths of blogging, just go check out his preview videos for Pro Blog Academy now in his short video and to be able to sign up for his live webinar occurring on June 14, 2012