focusing on others needs wants and desires

Focusing on others needs wants and desires is the number one way to build your marketing business.

That is all it really comes down to.  If you are not focusing on the needs, wants and desires of others and are instead focuing on your own well being, or the whole WIIFM (what’s in it for me) scenario, then your rate of growth will not be as you expect it to be.

Thousands of people are coming online each and every month and are looking for the next big thing.  It often is not there because it teaches them how to focus on doing something to improve their lives and not necessarily the lives of others.  When you get over yourself and start to put the needs of others above yours, things start to change for the better.

People will start to hunt you down when they realize what you can do and what you will do for them.  When you go out of your way to help others, it can come back to benefit you many times over.  This of course may not happen, today, tomorrow, next week or next year and that is where many people will give up and claim a system or approach does not work.

It is those that see it through that reap the benefits of those efforts, while those that did not stick with it will be right back where they always have been.  Looking for that next best solution for their problem without really putting any effort into their work.  Going on their sense of entitlement.

This next two weeks marks the culminating final exams for my students in science, where I have seen all levels of performance this year (being like most years as kids are predictable) and I can easily pick out the ones who put the effort forth as they will succeed in the exam, while others who felt as though I should just up and give them the answers to everything this year will struggle.

My main job as a teacher and coach is focusing on others needs wants and desires, but it comes with some restraint.  Boundaries for one are established in what I will or will not help them with.  They also know my favorite quote is “You get out of it what you put into it” and thus I am not going to just give in to what they want all the time, but will be more than willing to guide them in the right direction so that they will take a little more ownership over their work.

In business there are some levels that are parallel to this, though I know you can have someone do everything for you for a cost, like establishing a web prescense, writing copy, posting ads, blogging and much more to really take care of an pamper your clients.  In some cases it works out best this was as they can focus on more pressing issues instead of spending valuable time reading and responding to emails.

Finding the happy medium between needs and wants should be assessed on an individual basis such that the outcomes of the parties involved are positive to the fullest allowable extent.  Getting the other party to participate and to keep the needs met can be the tricky part here.  By opening the lines of communication between groups, rapport increases and you are on your way to making the transitions smoother and getting your clients to be more active participants in their own growth.

It is with this growth that others will hear about and see the work you have put in and your business will be reaping the benefits as well.

What I want to donate to bring to Kenya

Here is an initial sample wishlist for what I hope to bring to Kenya when I go over as a guest of Russell Brunson (I won his Dot Com Secrets X contest last month!)

  • 2 dozen lacrosse sticks (approximate cost- $1000 for basic models)
  • 5 dozen lacrosse balls (approximate cost- $100)
  • 2 dozen lacrosse novels (approximate cost-$100)
  • 2 dozen Magnesium camping fire starters (approximate cost-$100)
  • 1 dozen multi tools (approximate cost-$150)
  • 5 dozen clipboards and other school supplies (approximate cost-$250)

As you can see, I am already about $1600 worth of materials I would like to bring over before paying taxes and shipping.

This is where you come in and I help you out…I have put together a killer set of packages that will help improve your business (or you can give them away to someone who is an entrepreneur and you will help two sides of the story)

Come see the packages here:

All of your purchases help to offset costs associated with the items I would like to purchase in the wishlist above as well as cover shipping associated with airline baggage fees (gotta love those) due to the extra bags I will be bringing with materials.

I have to physically bring these with me as there would be no guarantee that these materials would be making it to the school I am helping to build if I were to just mail them.  Unfortunately, this is how many places work in regards to arrival of packages…the first arrival point might not forward the goods to the designated destination.

I am very fortunate to have been provided with the life and opportunities I have had and feel those from every other corner of the earth should have them as well.  Lacrosse, for one had brought me numerous opportunities and being able to bring some of these items would be phenomenal.

So head on over to now to help out.