Marketing to help others with Dot Com Secrets X

One of the best things about being in business is the idea that I get to help others.

This could be getting them started with their own businesses, solving a problem for them, making something work easier or faster for them or many other possibilities.

Being able to give back to people who want to start their own business online or off, has been very gratifying for me as well.  To see their growth is a wonderful testiment to the fact that when you take action, you see results.  You just have to make sure the actions you are taking are on the right path.

Whether you follow a few people or many, you want to make sure you develop a system that works.  Then you will be able to help others as well.  I think one of the best things I have gotten out of Russell Brunson’s Dot Com Secrets X course is learning while I helped others in the Facebook Group.

The other thing I am extremely happy about it that I took action and it paid off in a major way in that I WON his first trip to Kenya to help build a school.  Now who can think of another way greater than this to help give back and help others.

Russell Brunson made a committment to help out and donate funds to the World Teacher Aid and bring one of his students along to physically help build the school…and do some other super cool things, because it is AFRICA after all.

Russell is going to be doing this again I believe and you might even be the next student to win and come along in the summer of 2013.  You just have to take action and it all starts with the Dot Com Secrets X course.

Another way to give back of course, just like Russell Brunson has done over and over again is though fundraising/donations.  I am heading down this path as well and am looking to be able to bring more with me to help out more as well and have put together a group of packages to incentivize you into helping out from your end.

You can find out about this and the great marketing packages I am hooking you up with for helping out at

I am going to Kenya with World Teacher Aid

So I am thrilled to have won Russell Brunson’s Dot Com Secrets X contest to go to Kenya to help build a school.

You can scroll below to see the video I completed to help me win it in case you missed it (or just wanted to watch it again!)

Now I am in the mode of preparing for the trip, both physically and financially.  They both somewhat overlap as many of the physical things I need to take care of are financially dependent.

Just the other day I spent $300 on a portion of the infectious disease prevention that I will need to go.  I visited Passport Health, who provided me with both the Yellow Fever and Oral Typhoid vaccinations as well as prescriptions for anti malarial meds and an antibiotic in case of gastro intestinal issues.

I am next going to get in touch with my doctors in regards to boosters for Polio and Tetanus to get my body physically ready to withstand and develop an immunity to these diseases which may occur in regions I will be travelling.

So to offset the costs associate with these shots as well as many other things associated with my trip, like a portion of the airfare, shipping/baggage fees for the extra equipment/sporting good/teacher supplies I want to bring with me to donate, I have decided to run an evergreen donation/promo.  This is where you can donate continually to the cause throughout the year, though the initial big push will be this June and the first half of July 2012.

To Donate a flat amount decided by you, just click the tab above that says donate.   There will be no standard bonus associated with this.

I will also have specific amount donation levels that come with bonuses, for your taking action to help me go to Kenya.   Many of these will include physical products that will be mailed to your house.

*NOTE: Due to the nature of these being donations and a limited time basis before the trip, there will not be a refund option provided for these bonuses


Please email me with any questions at DaveGardner[at]KenyaBelieveThis[dot]com